Sunday, November 20, 2011


There’s a prism that exists between us
defining our existence based on preconceived zeniths
and we mimic its reflection as we peer through it
seeing the dance we preform

Where did the heart-shattering hammer
and glass-proof shoes get off to
to break this distorted confine
and walk into passion rich atmosphere

There are no hammers or shoes
And the only time we really break out is when we look into each others’ eyes

I had a dream where the penumbra was removed
and the smoke was cleared and buffers withdrew
I held you in my arms while the world burned on
the prism melted into sand and the relief felt good

I want the type of time to sit and finally inhale the warmth you give
The sparks that hover in the air when we’re alone is my daily summit

Some fight:
We’re taking flight

So encompassing for so long

Destroy to live
I’ll fragment the world until we can breathe
I’ll fragment the world so we can be
This prism is so constricting we have to dream to see the source of light
This prism is so small we have to dream to see the source of light

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