Sunday, March 20, 2011

I wrote this sometime in June, because that's when it's dated, "Some time in June, 2010." I don't like to publish stuff this personal, because it is personal. But it is, in my humble opinion, a good example of some of my lyrics. I might change the privacy of this post at some point. Dunno.
By the time day breaks
we'll make our escape
and you'll be out of here

I spent all last night
looking for letters you write
scattered somewhere in my room

And I was stoned all last week
because I couldn't speak about
the sentimental mood I've been in

And every song's the last
one I write about you
Until something else comes new

I'm trying not to think about you
But every sign I see and song I hear
Pulls me back to that March weekend

In day I wake and hold it straight
but at night I still dream of you
like I did that weekend then

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