Monday, March 28, 2011

Who Is In Control of Who #2

Mesmerize, paralyze, criticize, fratricide
Did you forget you were supposed to protect us
Insurrection, resurrection, hesitation, convalescence
Did you forget you were supposed to respect us

Social contract or contract the social
we were all born in to this contract that you were to uphold

I won't forget and you won't relent, but
I won't relent and you won't forget
So we'll stand on different tiers
You up on marbled steps and column piers
and us on graveled rocks wanting you to hear:
that we're standing with signs and try to strike fear

From the top, following the drop
to the bottom, hopefully we caught them
off guard, en-guard
coup de grâce, coup d'état

We gave you permission to rule
but we will yank the pedestal you sit on 
and watch you fall into your own blood pool 

Because we will change our signs and cameras 
and replace them with bombs and AK-47s
We don't care if you don't forget, 
but for your own sake you should relent

Remember this:
you put us in a hole and expect us to dig you out
Governor or the governed you
ask yourself:
Who is in Control of Who?

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